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Travel Advosory for Yeman

Posted on: June 13, 2022 | Back | Print

As you are aware, Government of India vide Gazette Notification No. VI/401/1/11/2017 dated 03 October 2017 had advised Indian citizens not to travel to Yemen as the security situation in Yemen continues to be fragile with armed hostilities continuing in parts of the country. Yemen is vulnerable from the security point of view. The instructions are hereby reiterated for travel to Yemen under any circumstances, by any mode of travel, including air, land or sea for any purpose till further notice.

The following points must be kept in mind by Indian nationals while intending to travel to Yemen:-

1. The passport or travel document issued by the Government of India is invalid for the travel to Yemen
2. Any Indian national who travels to Yemen in violation of instructions issued by Government of India from time to time, shall be liable for action under section 12 of the Passports Act, 1967, and the passport shall be liable for impounding or revocation, as the case may be, under sub-section (3) of section 10 of the said Act
3. Violation of this direction by any Indian Passport holder shall be liable for refusal of passport under section 6 of the Passport Act, 1967 for a period of seven years from the date of revocation of such passport
4. Any Recruiting Agent or a Company sending Indian nationals to Yemen shall be individually or collectively held responsible, and all such Agents or Company, including all its Directors, shall personally be liable to be prosecuted under relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code, if the Indian nationals so sent are killed or kidnapped or come any harm, while travelling to Yemen
5. Criminal proceedings also may be initiated against owners of the foreign ships carrying Indian nationals to Yemen and visa shall be denied to them for any future travel to India.


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