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Domestic Service Workers (DSWs): Drivers, Maids, Guards, Cooks, etc.

Standard Employment Contract

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All the DSW recruitment is only through a Saudi Recruiting agency as well as an Indian recruiting agency.

All the DSW employment documents (demand letter, power of attorney and employment contract), manually attested by the Embassy, needs to be uploaded and registered in the eMigrate system through website: https://emigrate.gov.in

In all cases, minimum referral wages prescribed on this webiste may be followed.

Special Provision for Female Domestic Service Workers: Financial Bank Guarantee of US Dollar 2,500/- or equivalent Saudi Riyal, in the name of the Embassy of India, Riyadh or CGI, Jeddah, as the case may be, in case of recruitement of female DSW.  
Her minimum age should be 30+; minimum wages should be SR1500 per month.  She should be recruited as per the DSW Agreement 2014 whereby the Employment Contract should be signed by the female worker, her sponsor, Indian recruiting agent and the Saudi Agent.  The Contract should be attested by the Embassy of India, Riyadh or Consulate in Jeddah, as the case may be.

Agreement on Labour Cooperation for Domestic Service Workers Recruitment between the Ministry of External  Affairs of the Republic of India and Ministry of Labour of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For any queries related to eMigrate documents, approvals/rejections, pl contact: 00966-4884144/Ext113, email: cw[dot]riyadh[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in

For technical support, please contact: 0091-11-26887772; email: helpdesk[at]emigrate.gov.in

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