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Services of the Indian Embassy/Consulate

Looking after the welfare of Indian nationals in the Kingdom is an important aspect of the work of the Indian Embassy/Consulate. This involves, among others, providing assistance to the Indian workers in distress, in resolving their grievances; disposal of mortal remains of deceased Indian nationals; and realisation of death compensation; providing consular service including issuing of passports, emergency certificate, registration of birth, attestation of various documents, etc.

I. Redressal of Labour Complaints

What are the assistance the Embassy/Consulate provide to the workers facing labour problems?

(1)        Since the Embassy/Consulate has no leverage over the Saudi employer, and the resolution of labour disputes through Labour Courts is time consuming, taking several months, the Embassy/Consulate attempts to resolve the grievances through discussion with the sponsor and the Indian RA, if any, for finding an amicable solution. If no agreement or amicable settlement is reached, the workers are advised to approach the Labour Court where the Embassy/Consulate provides necessary advice, assistance and free interpreter services to enable them to pursue their cases.

(i)         The workers must lodge their complaint on our electronic portal MADAD (www.madad.gov.in) with all relevant documents, such as copies of passport, Iqama, visa, contract, as well as contact numbers of sponsor and the Indian RA, for follow up action by the Embassy/Consulate.

(ii)        In case of difficulty in registering the complaints on MADAD portal, one may seek the assistance, of the IWRC, the services of which is available round the clock.

(iii)       The workers could also visit the Embassy/Consulate on all working days from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and discuss their grievances with the concerned offices.  

(iv)       Female DSWs facing labour problem, exploitation/harassment, etc. also could contact the Embassy/Consulate for advice and assistance.  


(2)        Indian Workers Resource Centre (IWRC) IWRCs have been set up at the Indian Embassy, Riyadh/Consulate, Jeddah which provide the following services to the distressed workers:

(i)         Toll free 24X7 helpline number manned by multilingual staff.

(ii)        receive, register and monitor the grievance petitions received through various channel, on the MADAD portal.

(iii)       provide advice and counselling to the workers.

(iv)       make persuasive telephone calls to sponsors/RAs.

(v)        escalate the cases to the Community Welfare Wing of the Embassy/Consulate for further follow up.


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