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Wellness Tourism in India

1. Since ages, India has been an incredible tourist destination with its impressive variety of history, culture and scenic beauty. India offers variety of choices from rural to eco-tourism; mountains to exotic wild life trails; world heritage toy trains to superfast luxury trains; bustling cosmopolitan cities to quiet countryside, hill stations to beach resorts. India has literally everything that a visitor wants to experience and offers travellers a complete holiday both physical and mental.

2. India today also has immense facilities and enormous scope of healthcare wellness tourism including Ayurveda, alternative and holistic treatment. India is perceived worldwide, as one of the true spiritual homes of the modern wellness movement and has a powerful and unique ‘wellness halo’ with its ancient, rich history of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. India is attracting tourists seeking serenity and optimum health and is emerging as one of the fastest-growing wellness market in the world and a thought-leader in the travel category of wellness tourism.

3. Wellness tourism in India witnesses a huge increase in its demand supplemented by India’s expertise in alternative healthcare practices, reduced cost of international travel and low cost semi- luxury hotels & resorts, improved transport and communication infrastructure, availability of English speaking staff at centres and scope for moulding wellness tourism into lifestyle tourism by high end travellers.

4. India's 1st healthcare tourism portal, http://www.indiahealthcaretourism.com, launched by Government of India has complete information about hospitals as well as wellness centres providing Ayurvedic and alternative holistic treatment. It gives exhaustive details on medical, alternative and holistic treatment by facility, specialty, travel & accommodation, connectivity, immigration visa etc.

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