About Us Recruitment of Skilled/Unskilled workers (Non-Domestic Workers)

Documents Required for Attestation and Recruitment of General Workers from India (Non-Domestic Workers). 

All  recruitments of workers from India is  done through website, eMigrate.gov.in 


 All employers are, therefore, requested to upload the following documents: 

Sl. No Documents List Company Individual Partnership Proprietorship Government
1 Request Letter for FE Registration duly signed by Authorized Signatory/ individual Employer(available on emigrate website) M M M M M
2 Copy of valid Registration Certificate/ trade license(duly translated in English) M NA M M NA
    3 FE ID Certificate issued by Government of Saudi Arabia (in case of Saudi Arabia)[for example:  id/iqama copy for individual and company’s id in case of others issued by ministry of Interiorduly translated in english M M M M M
4 Letter of Authorization in respect of Authorized Signatory ON THE ORGANIZATION LETTER HEAD (Board Resolution in case of Company or Partnership) [In English] M NA M NA M
5 ID/Iqama of Authorized Signatory(duly translated in English) M M M M M
6 Copy of specimen signature of Authorized signatory/ Individual Employer M M M M M
7 Copy of Address proof (in case of Individual & Government only) NA M NA NA M
8 Copy of valid Visa  (duly translated in English) M M M M M

  (M-mandatory, NA-Not Applicable)

· Employers can download template of  “Request Letter to Indian Mission for FE Registration” from emigrate.gov.in by accessing the link: Employer-->Registration-->Request Letter to Indian Mission for FE Registration  Individual  Employer or Organization as applicable.
·       ·        
There is no need to submit the hard copies w.e.f. 06/02/2016

During the visit of Hon'ble PM to Saudi Arabia in April 2016, India and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement for the General Category Workers.  Earlier, both the countries had signed Agreement for Domestic Sector Workers in the year 2014.  

For any queries related to eMigrate documents, approvals/rejections, pl contact: 00966-4884144/Ext113, email:  
For technical support, please contact: 0091-11-26887772; email: helpdesk[at]emigrate.gov.in

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