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AMC for gardening and irrigation at Embassy of India, Riyadh

Posted on: December 13, 2019 | Back | Print

Embassy of India, B-I Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh-11693 invites bids from interested firms for Annual Maintenance Contract of the Landscaping & irrigation of gardens at its Chancery Premises, Embassy Residence, other GOI-owned premises and MP hall situated in Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh.

 2. Scope of Work: The following are included in the scope of work:

i. Providing all necessary services to meet the overall requirements to operate and carry out the maintenance of the landscape & irrigation system in respect of following sites in Diplomatic quarters:

(a) Chancery, Embassy residence (B-I) & MP Hall

(b) 4 Residential sites at B-292/293/294/295

(c) 3 Residential sites at B-130/131/132

(d) 2 Residential sites at B-187/188

(e) 4 Residential sites at B-14/15/16/17

(f) 6 Residential sites at B-34/35/36/54/57/58

ii. Providing all equipment and items necessary to ensure continuity of operation of the installed plant, services and for the maintenance of landscape & irrigation system in the sites as well as necessary consumable items i.e., organic and inorganic fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, etc.

iii. Provision of three trained and experienced maintenance staff to carry out the services on site. A qualified agricultural engineer will also be deputed for general supervision.

iv. Provision of all equipment towards maintenance of irrigation systems i.e., quick coupling valves, sprinklers and emitters, etc.

v. Maintenance of landscape works including pruning, trimming of palms trees, shrubs and ground covers, etc.

vi. Provision of seasonal outdoor plants three times in a year for about 3000 in number to cover the area both in Chancery and Embassy Residence Garden and Swimming Pool Area. 

vii. Provision of 2 (two) indoor plants for residences every year.

viii. Replacements of dead plants and dead grass in Embassy and all Residences.

ix. Maintenance of all indoor and outdoor decorative plants in Chancery and Embassy Residence.

x. Provision of at least five (5) potted decorative outdoor plants in nine residences mentioned at Para 2(i)(b)to(d) and maintenance and replacement of the same, if necessary.

xi. Provision of irrigation water to all staff housing.

xii. Provision of sufficient staff to be able to provide necessary replacements in the event of sickness holidays and other absences.


Note: Only Indian Passport holders with valid Iqama and medical coverage will be employed for the above job.


3. Qualification:


(i)       Minimum 5 years in the similar kind of work of gardening/lawn maintenance in Saudi Arabia.

(ii)     Minimum Annual Turnover of SAR 300,000/-.

(iii)     Have experience of handling such works of gardening/lawn maintenance with reputed firms/government agencies in Saudi Arabia.

(iv)     Having VAT registration with the General Authority of Zakat & Tax of Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


4. Bids:- Interested companies should submit:

(i)       The company profile,

(ii)      Details of jobs undertaken by them in the past with references,

(iii)     VAT registration number

(iv)     Annual turnover, in the Technical Bid in a sealed envelope clearly mentioning the same on the cover.  The Financial bid in another similar sealed envelope should have the price as per the scope of work mentioned in Para 2 above.  Both the bids should be submitted in a single sealed cover, latest by    31st December, 2019 to: 


Head of Chancery,

Embassy of India,

B-1, Diplomatic Quarters,


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


For inspection of the site, Attache(Admn), Embassy of India, Riyadh may be contacted (Tel:4810745, E-mail:adm.riyadh@mea.gov.in).

5. Date of effect: The contract will be valid for one year from the date of signing and is extendable for another year on same terms and conditions on mutual consent.

6. Opening of bids, Evaluation & Selection : The company with good credentials, skilled manpower and offering the best price will be awarded the job. The decision of the Embassy in this regard will be final.


Head of Chancery