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Invitation of quotations for baggage scanning facility at chancery

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Embassy of India



Embassy of India, B-I Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh-11693, invites quotations from interested firms for the below mentioned job.

A. Description of Job: Provision of Baggage Scanning facility in Chancery premises.

B. Scope of work

(a) Re-modelling of existing structure for housing X-Ray machine

(b) Supply, installation and commissioning of X-Ray machine of specifications given in

Annexure A

(c) Training of duty staff for operation and trouble-shooting of minor issues etc.,

(d) Annual Maintenance, including supply of required spare parts of X-Ray machine for 3 years after completion of guarantee/ warranty period.

2. For site visit please contact Attache (Admn) on telephone number 00966-11-4880715 during office hours on working days.

3. The quotations should be valid for 3 months. It may be noted that no escalation in cost at a later stage, would be acceptable. The Embassy reserves the right to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason whatsoever.

4. Last date for submission of the quotations with Technical and Financial bids in two separate sealed covers, is 15th September, 2020. Quotations may be addressed to Head of Chancery, Embassy of India Riyadh, B-1, Diplomatic Quarter, P.B No.94387, Riyadh 11693.

5. Opening of bids, Evaluation & Selection : The company with good credentials, skilled manpower and offering the best price will be awarded the job. The decision of the Embassy in this regard will be final.

(Head of Chancery)

Annexure A

Specifications Baggage Scanner System

Resolution: 42 SWG or better

Tunnel Size: Minimum 600 mmX 400mm with 10% variation only on higher side

Penetration: ? 30 mm steel

Voltage: 180-260 V, 60 HZ single phase

Conveyer Belt

Speed should be at least 0.2 meters per second or better

Maximum load should be 160 Kg

Height should be at lese 750 mm

Faciliy of bi-direction scanning be available

Idle SS rollers to be provided with input/out frames at both ends of the tunnel.

X-Ray Generator

Cooling – Sealed oil bath

Anode Voltage ? 160 KeV

Tube Current ? 1mA

Beam Divergence- 60 degrees. The X-ray beam divergence should be such that the complete image of maximum size of bag is displayed without corner cuts.

Image Processing:

Sensor-Folded Array

Grey Levels ? 4096

Display – High resolution SVGA, 22” TFT, LED Colur monitors, Flicker-free, minimum 1920 X1080 pixels full HD display 30 watt and low radiation.

Beam divergence – 60 degrees

Computer configuration for image storing and archiving:

Latest generation compatible with X-Ray machine having the following minimum features or better

Processor: Core i7 or better available in the market

Hard Disk: 350 GB or better

CD/DVD Drive R/W

Ram 3 GB or better

UPS: Reputed make online UPS like Tata libert, APC, Microtek etc. with minimum 30 minutes backup on full load by using SMF batteries.

Capacity – Commensurate capacity as per load

Voltage range – 180-260 V, 60 Hz single phase

Output voltage – 230 VAC ±1%

Transfer Time – 0 ms

Zoom facility should be available to magnify the chosen area of an image eight times(x8) or more. Image features shall be key board controller.

The machine should be film safe

The machine should have features of multi energy X-ray imaging facility (140 KeV approx.) where materials of different atomic number will be displayed in different colurs to distinguish between organic and inorganic materials. With this method should be possible to distinguish high density organic materials including explosives. Machines should have variable colour or material stripping to facilitate the operator to monitor images of organic materials for closure scrutiny. All suspicious items (explosives, high density material, narcotics) should be displayed in one mode and that should be online.

Facility for variable contrast must be incorporated to allow enhancement of lighter and darker portion of the image.

If the machine fails to penetrate an item, then an alarm (visual and audio both) should be generated to notify the operator.

The Threat Image Projection (TIP) system software to be incorporated as per details given below:

14.1 TIP software facility shall be incorporated in the offered x-ray machines to assist supervisors in testing the operator alertness and training X-ray screeners to improve their ability in identifying specific threat object. The system will create a threat object and the same will be superimposed on monitor screen while a bag is being screened. To acknowledge that the operator has seen the false object, operator must press the control panel key that will cause the computer generated threat object to disappear from X-rayed bag images on the VDU screen. Each operator’s action shall be recorded in the hard disc of the computer for the auditing purpose by the supervisor or other authorized person.

14.2 Design of the System

14.2.1 TIP software should be compatible with other X-ray technologies such as automatic reject unit dual x-ray screen technologies, automatic threat recognition system etc. All x-ray image functions must be available at the same time along with the TIP.

14.3 Image Library

14.3.1 The TIP facility should have an image library containing at least 100 explosive devices. 100 knives and 100 firearms in various sizes, shapes, locations and orientations. However, the system shall have facility to expand the library to incorporate additional images by user without assistance of the manufacturer.

14.3.2 The image library should contain images of threats at different orientation both plane and end on orientation should be used. Although these will be assigned different file names and reference. It must be possible to cross reference these as the same threat. All threat images projection images must be realistic-representative and non-distinguishable from real threat items.

14.4 Time Interval

14.4.1 Programming facility shall be available to project threat images in different intervals. The time period for threat images as well as image mix in percentage shall be user programmable e.g software shall select 40% images of explosive devices, 35% of fire arms & 25% of knives or random items etc.

14.4.2 Once the screener has responded to identity the computer generated threat image. It should remain on the screen for a predefined user programmable time for analysis. The image should be highlighted, upon identification and feedback message shall be visible to the screener.

14.5 System Administration

14.5.1 The threat image projection facility shall have details of user data base such as Venue of function, Name of organization, Name Screener, user ID number, level of access such as screener, Administrator, Maintenance-schedule and password etc

14.5.2 Access to start up menu should be restricted only to the authorized individuals. A log in procedure by means of password or security key could achieve restricted access to each of the comment. The log in procedure should not take longer than 20 second. The system should have facility to bypass the TIP facility. If programmed so by the system administrator. It is to be ensured that the TIP software shall not be hindrance to normal functioning of the x-ray machine.

14.5.3 When the operator logs in or logs out, message should be displayed on the Video Display Unit(VDU) screen to confirm that he/she has been correctly logged in or logged out.


Technical Bid Proforma

a. Name of the Firm:

b. Address and contact details:

c. Registration/ Licence details including VAT registration:

d. Brief Introduction of the company

e. Previous experience in the field (minimum 3 years)

f. Annual turnover (minimum SR 300,000/-)

g. Client organisations and testimonials:

Financial Bid Proforma

Amount (SR)- incl. VAT

a. Supply, installation, commissioning and training of Baggage

Scanner System (as per specifications given in Tender Notice)

b. Annual Maintenance, including supply of required spare parts,

for 3 years after completion of guarantee/ warranty period.