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Wall replacing Iron Grill Advertisement

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Embassy of India



Embassy of India, B-I Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh-11693, invites quotations from interested firms for the below mentioned job.

Description of Job:

Replacement of Iron Grill Fence installed at the perimeter of Chancery with a Brick/Stone Wall.

Topping up the perimeter from three sides with 2 feet Concertina Wire.

B. Scope of work:

(a) Removal of Iron Grill Fence installed in almost 67 meters for construction of brick/stone wall.

(b) Erecting a brick/stone wall of 10 feet height from outside in place of Iron Grill Fence.

(b) Increasing the height of the existing brick/stone wall to 10 feet wherever the height is less than 10 feet. The length of the existing brick/stone wall is almost 185 meter and height varies from 8 feet to 10 feet.

(d) The wall to be erected/increased should be identical in terms of material and exterior as per the existing brick/stone wall.

(e) Topping up the walls with 2 feet Concertina Wire all along the three sides facing the road measuring about 250 feet. The specification of Concertina Wire is given at attached Annexure A.

(f) Supply of all kind of materials/equipment/labourers etc. to be used for carrying out the work.

(g) Removal of debris and cleaning of the area during and after the completion of work.

2. It is advised to visit the site to get the full understanding of the proposed work. For site visit please contact Attache (Admn) on telephone number 00966-11-4880715 during office hours on working days or write at adm.riyadh@mea.gov.in.

3. The quotations should be valid at least for 4 months. It may be noted that no escalation in cost at a later stage, would be acceptable. The Embassy reserves the right to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason whatsoever.

4. Last date for submission of the quotations with Technical and Financial bids in two separate sealed covers, is 29.04.2021. Quotations may be addressed to Head of Chancery, Embassy of India Riyadh, B-1, Diplomatic Quarter, P.B No.94387, Riyadh 11693.

5. Opening of bids, Evaluation & Selection: The Company with good credentials, skilled manpower/machinery and offering the best price will be awarded the job. The decision of the Embassy in this regard will be final.

(Head of Chancery)

Annexure A

Specifications of Punched Tape Concertina Coil(PTCC)





Coil Diameter

600 mm



Each coil with 50 turns/ loops should be around 9-10 kgs +-5%. If the turns /loops are less, the weight shall be correspondingly less.


Steel Strip

The Punched Tape is recommended to be CR3 grade cold reduced low carbon steel. If to be purchased with pre-painted aluminum zinc alloy 120, the cost would significantly increase (almost by 40%). Only zinc coating (80 gms per sq mtr.) would be sufficient for many purposes .You may choose the color of paint but ensure that the thickness of the coat (s) is of good quality on both sides .With painting the life of the coils increases by twofold.

Spring Core Wire



Should be high carbon steel



In practical terms, it should be a minimum of 2.6 mm. This can go up to 3 mm for heavy duty performance.


Zing Coating

The core wire should have thickness of hot dipped galvanized zinc to 240g/m2 (as per specification BS EN ISO 1461 or Indian equivalent IS 4826)



About 6 meters

Razor Barb



7-8 mm



18-20 mm


Blade Thickness

0.5 mm

(Can go up to 0.7 mm for heavy duty performance)


Strip Width

14-15 mm


Centre Width

22-23 mm

Technical Bid Proforma

a. Name of the Firm:

b. Address and contact details:

c. Registration/ Licence details including VAT registration:

d. Brief Introduction of the company

e. Previous experience in the field (minimum 3 years)

f. Annual turnover (minimum SR 300,000/-)

g. Client organisations and testimonials:

Financial Bid Proforma

Amount (SR)- incl. VAT

Removal of Iron Grill Fence, erecting a brick/stone wall, increasing the height of the existing brick/stone wall, topping up the walls with 2 feet Concertina Coil, supply of all kind of materials/equipment/labourers etc. to be used for carrying out the work, removal of debris and cleaning of the area during and after the completion of work (as per Scope of Work/Specifications given in Tender Notice).